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I am planning to pull a signal for the fuel level input right from the wire that sends voltage to the fuel level gauge. I may have to have the programming tweaked a little to work with the range the toyota sensor puts out.

I also plan on doing the fuel tank pressure as well. I am going to put the sensor in the evap line going between the tank and the canister. I bought all of the parts that would be needed for a 2005 silverado to match the donor engine.

I had a buddy come over today and help me set the hood back in place. I was right on with the positioning of the motor and with the hood closed, the insulation barely touches the highest point on the motor which is the evap purge valve on the intake. I need to rearrange the PS return line a little so that I can schooch the motor over towards the driver's side a bit to get it parallel to the frame rails.
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