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Originally Posted by dr350jja View Post
Do you have any more pics of the mic and wires? Where did you mount the main radio unit? I'm trying to figure out where I can mount a mobile unit in my Taco. The newer style Tacos are "bigger", but they sure don't seem to have any good places to mount radios!
I installed the radio behind the back seat in those "cubbies" that sit between the seat and the back of the cab. You'll need a remote speaker if you go this route. The wiring ran along the driver side under the plastic thingys by the door, up the A-pillar and across the head liner to the upper console to the face plate. The mic wire (6 pin phone wire IIRC) went back down the A-pillar and behind the dash/center console. I used a 6 pin female/female junction, and then plugged the mic into it. It's a lot of wire running for its purpose, but I'm pretty anal about keeping my cockpit uncluttered with wires and accessories.

In my 80 I went a similar route, but more like xodeuce's install. The faceplate mounts to a RAM mount that I screwed into the rear view mirror slot.
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