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Originally Posted by xodeuce View Post
I used some patch cables that I had sitting around. Make sure they're straight through and not crossover. I really like having the face above the mirror. I'm with Matt on having an uncluttered cockpit area, so having it up and out of the way was important to me. I also like that it's in a spot that doesn't take my eyes off the road too much to adjust it.
You know I've been in trucks that are both ways, and I prefer it down by the shifter. Downside is yes you have to take your eyes off the road a little more, but honestly it doesn't happen that often on the highway- happens more when you're in low range and it's nbd to stop for a second. Few other benefits:

- allows your passenger to fiddle with the radio easier. Or allows you to fiddle with the radio easier, while someone else drives.
- allows you to rest your hand on something (like the shifter) which improves your dexterity at the finger tips. I have struggled making fine adjustments to squelch and volume when my hand is overhead, easier when it's down low.
- also once you know what button you're pressing, you can leave your hand rested there for a second and resume watching the road- not as easy when your hand is overhead, which requires you to watch what you're doing on the radio more.

It's all personal preference... but I wanted to toss this out there since there are a few guys about to do installs.
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