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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
I drive 1996 LX450 with 4.88 and 35". 7000Lbs. I get about 11 or 12MPG on the road.
I started from full tank (22GAL) at the closest filling station
I was carrying two 5GAL (so 10Gal), used both jerrycans to fillup the second night.
I drove into Moab on Thu with the fuel light on.

I don't remember exactly how much I put in once I got into Moab, but IIRC it was 20Gal.

Hi Robbie
Thanks for the info. Knowing peoples MPG and capacity makes it easier to judge how much I'll need. My stock tank is a claimed 19 gallons, I've never pushed the range to see where it runs dry though. When the gas light comes on it takes 16 gallons. I usually see between 15-17MPG. I was planning on bringing two 5 gallon can's with me. My rough guesstimations say I should be OK on range.
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