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Originally Posted by powderpig View Post
Hello Chuck Wagon, What kind of Vehicle is this 38 gallon tank in and what kind of engine/ fuel ecomany do you get going any where from 5 mph to 30 mph. The Trail is aprox 150 miles long.
CM comittiee will be running fuel out to Onion Creek camp ground where we will be staying wed night. The will be bring out 5 gallon can based on talking to them on Wed morning. The first part of the trip uses less fuel, and the second part of the trip required more fuel.
I still had some fuel at the end of the trip, but I have the capacity to carry 65 gallons if I fill up.
Actually that might have been where Nathan and I got ourselves into trouble. The trail was 150 miles (plus whatever backtracking we did for camping) but I think Nathan and I burned through quite a bit of fuel in both our rides on the way to the trailhead. Close to 100 miles of faster than posted driving to make the tech inspection (we were still a little late). Oops.

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