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Yes Nathan, I think that is where you got in trouble, drive your cool Taco very fast trying to get no where fast

Anyhow, It is a funny thing, I think the first part of the trail on may reach the 8-10 mpg figure. On the second 1/2, I think most will get about 5-7 mpg. But the first part is shorter than the second 1/2 by a bit, but a whole bunch more up and down and obsticals and spending time in low range(which will eat fuel faster.
So I would not be shy in asking for fuel on Wed night if one is going on this trip.

I drive a 80 series with a 24.5 main and a beat up 44 gallon aux in the rear. that now holds about 41-42 gallons. Nice to have that type of range, be it on the highway or offroad.

Hello to you as well Rami.

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