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Default Yankee Hill & Miner's Gulch 10/8/05

Well, my guests for the weekend brought the expected 98 TJ, and a Honda Rincon Quad, and also a guest from Boston, in a TJ, so we played in the back yard...

Ran into Brant from the Clear Creek Ranger District, and chatted for awhile. Miner's Gulch is a nice side trip - I hadn't run it before.

Yankee Hill is much easier than it was two years ago - I don't think I even had the lockers on. In fact, the entire run seemed much easier than before - maybe it's the 4Runner CV axles...

Had to winch a kid in a Nissan (I think - would that be a Pathfinder?) out of a mine "test hole". He blasted over the lip, and was in the hole before he knew it, and fully supported on his front and rear bumpers, with his wheels barely touching the dirt. (Shaking Head)...

Hopefully, I'll have pics in a day or so, of the pint-sized Gnewt winching this fool out of the hole.
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