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Default 2012 CM Wrenching Sessions

The first wrenching session is in the bag and done. There are three more on the calendar between now and Cruise Moab. Overall, we got through the work that we planned and then some. Rigs are in better shape than they were on Friday, everyone learned something new and it was fun to talk trucks, life while watching sparks and turning wrenches. The accomplishments of the first weekends work activity include:

  • Front end clunk diagnosis; inspected the front end no issues found that would account for the intermittent clunk.
  • Removed splash guards front and rear
  • We had planned to extend tail pile hanger as current position would be hit by rear spring at full flex. Upon closer examination, determined that suspension flexes a long way and there is not enough play in the pipes to extend the hanger far enough. After considering the options, we resolved the issue by cutting the tail pipe to clear the springs all together.
  • Welded four bracket assemblies to a hold high lift jack. The brackets can also be used to support a platform shelf.

  • Engine compression check; cylinder 3 is at 115 (not terrible considering it recently ingested a nut) and all the rest 135-139.
  • Checked timing, found it to be less than 7. Reset to 12 degrees BTDC.
  • Fabricated a stud to hold the air cleaner cover to the carburetor.
  • Inspected rear driveshaft and pinions, found pinion nut and parking brake drum nut to be finger tight. Tightened them up and rtv'd the splines coming out the back of the t-case.
  • "Loose steering" diagnosis; inspected the front end and found alignment was toed out. We adjusted the alignment to .25" tow in.

  • Oil change and sea foam
  • Welded a bracket which keeps the bumper from opening far enough to bump the tail lights. Eliminated free play at the latch when bumper halves are closed.
  • Rotated the tires
  • Inspected the brakes, found front pads to be in need of replacement - replaced them
  • Bled the brakes
  • Inspected the front end alignment; found it to be equal distance both front and rear; adjusted alignment to .25" tow in.

  • Built up a 4.11 third with an ARB

  • Oil change

  • Installed an air hose reel
  • Painted Dee's race car
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