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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
if you don't leave your radios on, no harm no foul using always on
Icoms, like just about every other mobile radio that uses a microprocessor, have an auto power off to protect you from running the battery down.

For the IC-V8000:
  • Push and hold [SET(LOCK)] and then push [PWR] for 1 second to bring up the initial set mode menu
  • Push [SET(LOCK)] to scroll until you get the "POF-OF" function
  • Rotate the tuning dial to select between off ("OF"), 30 min ("30"), 1 hour ("1H") or 2 hours ("2H").
  • Push [PWR] to set the value and return to the regular display (the value is retained in flash between power cycles)
Page 64 in the user's manual.

I set mine to an hour, enough that if you're just monitoring it doesn't turn off too soon. Like a typical commute to work or run up to ski.
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