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Not mentioned in this thread is the fact that some pumps have the return line to the pump and some don't. Early rigs had no return at all. Later ones returned it to the tank, then later on the excess fuel is returned to the pump on the inlet side.

Rebuild kits used to be available from Toyota, I have a new one still in the bag in the garage. Obviously,the rebuild kits are only for the earlier pumps with the screw-on head, not the later ones with the stamped head. The way to know if you need the spacer ("insulator" in Toyota parts books jargon) is to hold the pump(s) in question side by side. The type that use the spacer will have the lever sticking considerably farther out.

As has been mentioned earlier in this thread, the main differences in the earlier style pumps have to do with the location of the ports, and whether the ports are barb or screw on.

While the rebuild kit does include a new diaphragm, in my experience one of the causes for pump failure is the delamination of the phenolic check valve disks, and the rebuild kit does not include new ones.
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