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Originally Posted by dr350jja View Post
Are there simplex channels on the 70cm band?
For Colorado:

This should be similar most places AFAIK, I don't think there's any band plans that use other than 5MHz splits and 25KHz spacing for analog voice.

There are 24 simplex FM, 119 5MHz repeater pairs, 59 aux 5MHz repeater and whole bunch of narrow band (digital) 12.5KHz simplex, pairs and data. There is 30MHz of spectrum allocated to amateurs that is (1) VERY commercially desirable and (b) largely silent.

Use it or lose it!

FM simplex:
445.700, 445.725, 445.750, 445.775, 445.800, 445.825, 445.850, 445.875
445.900, 445.925, 445.950, 445.975, 446.000, 446.025, 446.050, 446.075
446.100, 446.125, 446.150, 446.175, 446.200, 446.225, 446.250, 446.275

Bold is unofficial National Calling Frequency

For comparison hams have just 4MHz of spectrum on 2m and have to cram repeater splits on 600KHz. This makes repeaters expensive and touchy to tune.
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