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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
i just called my contacts at Swedish and Rose and offered help for any physicians and staff that need to get in but can't.

If I hear back I will post up to see if anyone can help.

We have 8" hear at my house University and Evans. But the drifts are closer to 12" inches.
We had a decent snow cover this morning, I'd have guessed 8" or so like you Chris. Took a while to shovel everything out of the driveway and alley so I got to work about 1/2 hour later than normal. I went the back way using Monaco/Yale/Yosemite/Belleview so I didn't see Porter. Downing and Evans were both plowed but the packed wet crud at the bottom was slick. I slid right through the light at Jasmine & Evans, but so did the guy behind me. Wisely the person who had the green waited for us both to clear...
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