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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
Just my uneducated opinion, but I thought i heard someone say once that the FEAT organizer was a jeep guy.

I wonder if he then is naturally tapped into the Jeep groups for first responders.. I am just guessing.

Anyway, I called my connections at the hospitals and they were ok for this storm. I can still work on getting on their call list. I am developing a stronger relationship with the HCA hospitals.

Gene is a four-wheeling guy like the rest of us. All makes and models have participated in FEAT. I will PM you Gene's e-mail so you can ask him any questions you have. After the storm I will contact the head of Denver OEM, who I know, and ask him his current thoughts on FEAT utilization - I say current because last time we discussed it he lit up when I mentioned I was a FEAT volunteer. He was very enthusiastic about the program.

I have not called FEAT dispatch yet this storm because my truck electronics were still not all connected (radios, compressor, headlights properly, etc.), but I hooked all that up last night and will check in today. Checking in is not required but all volunteers should have, as I did, gotten the e-mail that states:
You are receiving this email because FEAT has been activated for this major storm starting at 6 AM Friday. The dispatchers will start calling drivers. If you are not contacted, feel free to call the dispatchers. For drivers to contact the FEAT dispatchers, call 720-xxx-xxxx. DO NOT GIVE THIS NUMBER TO ANYONE THAT IS NOT A FEAT DRIVER/VOLUNTEER. Eligible emergency service personnel are to call the OEM at 720-xxx-xxxx.
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