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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
Anyway, I called my connections at the hospitals and they were ok for this storm. I can still work on getting on their call list. I am developing a stronger relationship with the HCA hospitals.
I worked for HCA for many years, I've put my tire chains on, locked in the hubs and hit the road during the last 5 blizzards. I probably have picked up well over 100 people to date.

While working the blizzards I was making as much as double time and a half plus gas, food and mileage. The biggest perk was a huge gold star on my annual eval. I would have been a bit torqued if someone was called in that would do it for free and I will not take the opportunity, to earn a few extra bucks, away from someone else. I will help if they are overwhelmed and request my assistance (at winch point the company I work for now will compensate me).

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