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I might have to go the FJ62 route, that looks pretty good...down the road though, getting the hand throttle installed isn't germane to getting this thing up and running.

I did some head scratching this morning about the suction and discharge connections on the compressor. They are some kind of flare fitting, right-hand thread (so not like a propane tank thread). I went to Ace and they had some, but then I looked on McMaster-Carr and it appears there are two different styles. There is a 45 flare fitting, also known as SAE, and there is a 37 flare fitting, which is for higher pressures. Since this is an automotive application, I'm assuming that I have the 45 (SAE) flare. So I'm not sure what kind Ace carries - they had short nuts like the SAE ones have, so I think Ace is carrying the SAE style.

The compressor has a 5/8" male SAE flare fitting on the suction side, and the discharge side has a 1/2" male SAE flare fitting. The only female fitting available with this system is a tube nut. So I would have to get hard tube, flare the ends, and make some adapters if I want to go to any other type of fitting, like to barbs or NPT.

After the meeting last Wednesday night, Red Fox came over to check out my progress. He suggested that rather than get a dedicated filter element like Marco has, I should tie into the clean side of my air cleaner for the suction side of the compressor. I thought that was a swell idea, and I have a port plugged off on my air cleaner that normally would have provided clean air to my air pump. The hose to fit over that port needs to be (EDIT) 1" ID (clamped connection). So for the suction side, I need to go from (EDIT) 1" ID hose to 5/8" SAE male. The only way I know of that I can make this happen is to get a 5/8" SAE-5/8" SAE swivel (two female nuts with a piece of tube in between, pre-fabbed), then a male SAE-male NPT adapter, then a female NPT-barb adapter. And then I might not be able to get the hose size I want right from those fittings, so I might have to work up to the proper hose size.

On the discharge side, I guess I can get a hose made at NAPA or somewhere that is a female SAE on both ends, then get a male SAE-male NPT adapter that I can bush down to the size I will need for my manifold.

Pretty complex, and not the purdiest solution I would like to see. Might have to do some more head-scratching.

While I was at Ace, I checked out their compressed air accessories and found an air drier, relief valve rated at 120 psi and 112 scfm (too low psi I think), and some other things. Everything is in NPT so that's where I'm going to need to get from these SAE fittings.

Also picked up some air compressor oil - I guess this will work to keep my compressor oiled?
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