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Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
I chose to not pull air from the air cleaner for my onboard air. Here's why: the pressure in the air cleaner is lower than atmosphere, not much lower but it is lower because the engine is pulling air through it. Any drop in the pressure at the intake of the compressor will reduce its efficiency. Think of it as the opposite of a turbo charger. One of the nice benefits of an engine driven compressor is the relatively high air flow. Why reduce the flow by drawing air from a low pressure zone?
Hm. Also a good point. I'm glad I posted up! I'll see what they have at Ace, it might be easier to go the dedicated filter route.

Originally Posted by Deerskin View Post
Matt, If you're using 3/4" OD hose for the intake it should be about 1/2" ID. It should just press on over the compressor intake fitting without another interface. Just clamp it off and you're good to go.
The suction of the compressor, the 5/8" SAE, has 7/8"-14 threads. I did some more measuring and the hose port on my air cleaner is 1". I'm thinking of taking Bruce's advice, if for no other reason than that 1" barbs are hard to come by, even on McMaster.

As an aside, the discharge of the compressor, the 1/2" SAE, has 3/4"-16 threads.
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