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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
The air tank also acts as a buffer for the compressor. You'll be able to fill tires much faster with it, maybe twice as fast.
I still don't get that, and personally think it's a myth.

I run 37's and a big Viair. The 37's will drain the tank almost immediately, then essentially, you're running air straight through the tank to the tire, everything having the same pressure when all hooked up. so why bother with a tank? At best, your tank is big enough to hold higher pressure, then you're pumping air into a 75 PSI tank when it would be easier on the compressor to pump air straight into a 30 PSI tire. I don't carry air tools because I think that's just silly and adds weight. A 4-way is much lighter and honeslty, how long does it take to spin off 6 lug nuts???

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