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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Your York and this Sanden should have pretty high duty cycles. The 12V ones typically don't have a very high duty cycle. Additionally, the 12V are typically more cheaply made. Treeroot lost a piston on one this past summer up at Argentine, so no more worky for that one. It could happen on one of these two (Marco lost his first York to some problems), but I think the tradeoff of cfm produced is worth it.
That was my thought given what their "normal" use is/was which is why I was surprised that day when my York seemed to seize up. I'm just not sure I'd want to be the go to guy for air for everyone after a run though - 1-2 trucks no problem...

Although to be honest, that day I was playing a lot with my ARB lockers...Who knows how long the compressor was running in total. One thing from that trip that I realized is that it would really be nice to have a PSI gauge in the cab to keep an eye on it...There's one under the hood but that is hard to see while wheeling

For reference I've also got a Viar I bought years ago for use in the LX. Usually took about 15 mins to air up 4 285s from say 15 PSI to 38 PSI. A couple times another person borrowed it after me to fill up as well so figure 30 mins pretty much contantly on. It got hot, but never quit. In fact my only complaint about the unit is the heat and figuring out a good spot to put it to cool down on the trip home.
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