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Originally Posted by rutbeer View Post
Anybody leave there HAM on during the morning and evening commute? Had mine on the last few days and all is quiet. Was hoping for some traffic updates on the way.
If you have APRS you can look for me (A C zero V H dash 9). I append the freq/tone/shift set on the main band (what I use as the main voice side) into #1 optional text field when it beacons. It should look like a comment on my position.

I usually ragchew during my commutes on 449.450, -5MHz, 103.5Hz. There is a regular crew.

Often there are also hams chatting on 145.310, 145.145, 145.460/147.225 or 449.350 most commutes. Just jump in, introduce yourself, most of them don't bite. Be aware though that every dang one of them WILL talk your ears off. :-)
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