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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Who is Schotts?
Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
A annoying Mud dude who loves to brag that his 100 is the baddest 4x4 ever made!
My tease directed at Romer was just that! Romer has class and is respected Schotts is an arse and made fun of.
Thanks for the nice words Kevin

Shotts argues everything

We were in a "discussion" on the rubicon and he told me I was wrong. I asked "have you ever been there".

Reply, "No, but I have talked to people who have been there and they know what they are talking about"

He argues everything and is the expert on everything and is picked on by many of our friends because he in reality has little experiance and knows little
He is the only person woody has banned for just being him, multiple times he is on a 10 ban right now
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