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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
UB, is that the stock ND compressor that came with the 3.4?

My AC system has a slow leak in the condenser... and being lazy... and having an open vehicle in the summer anyway... and now living at 8K feet and almost never driving in town... I just have not bothered to fix it. I have a perfectly good, reman ND compressor occupying space in the engine bay.

Care to post up YOUR system in more detail?
It is. I have used ND's on WR for years. Very simple set up. I use an oiler mounted high up with the filter on the intake side. (with a 50/50 mix of Marvel Mystery oil and slick 50) I have a mainifold on the drivers firewall that has the safety pop off, the pressure switch and the in line dryer recollecting the compressor lube and condensation. A tee right after that for the ARB solenoid. Then a ball valve for shutting down the storage tank. the line goes through the drivers side frame rail to the back where I have a 3 gallon tank mounted upside down to my floor. The access quick disconnect and gauge are right at my rear cage leg. Very simple and has worked for the last 15+ years. I have gone through three ND compressors in that time and none since I use the Mystery oil/slick 50 juice. It powers my old 1/2" impact gun I keep in the truck fantastically and has tightened many a loose pinion nut on the trail along with countless lug nuts! When wheeling my comp is switch on and I forget it. The only time I notice something up is if my front locker isn't working. Used ND comps put out around 10CFM and are usually $50 bucks at the yards or cheaper if you snag then from folks tossing them.
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior
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