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And here's some stuff I got. Still have to get an air hose, might get a cheap one for now and see how long it lasts. It won't be dealing with really cold CO2 like some cheap hoses so maybe it'll be ok for a while. :shrug:

Also learned something new besides the 3/8" vs. 1/4" air connections that we discussed a couple pages back - there are different ends for the quick couplers. I asked the guys there and they said I/M is the most common. T was the other type. So hopefully that's correct.

Upper left: Quick-coupler: $4.99
Upper middle: Quick-coupler plug: $1.99
Upper right: Air chuck: $2.99 - Returned this to get one with a clip.
Middle left: 150 psi relief valve: $10.29 - I guess this might pop off every time my compressor cycles - we'll have to see. Or maybe I'll still get an adjustable pressure switch and keep the pressure down a bit. The pressure switch Marco gave me is huge - maybe I'll just pass it on after I'm done
Middle: 5/8" SAE flare to 1/2" MNPT 90 degree elbow: $8.49 - for the suction side.
Middle right: 1/2" SAE flare swivel: $9.99 - basically two 1/2" flare nuts with a short piece of tube in the middle, pre-fabbed for the discharge side.
Bottom left: 5/8" SAE flare swivel: $9.99 - for the suction side.
Bottom middle: 1/2" SAE flare to 3/8" FNPT: $4.29 - I can get a Viair 3/8" hose and thread it right into this connection on the discharge side. - Returned this because I needed an elbow - not enough room.
Bottom right: 200 psi pressure gauge: $7.99

Total: $61.01 $53.73

Fittings add up

I still need to get an air hose and some barbed hose connectors (Ace didn't have the right size/configuration I needed), plus the manifold etc. obviously. Getting there. Thanks for letting me share every step and every thought, probably annoying to some but hey it's your fault for clicking on the thread
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