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Bought some more stuff today:

Air Hose (50 ft PVC) from Lowe's: $14.02
Manifold from Amazon: $24.02 after shipping
Filter/Coalescer from Amazon: $79.49 after shipping (thanks Nick/AHorseThief! ) - vs. $115 for the one on Kilby's site. This one is made by Interstate Pneumatics, has a metal bowl, and is rated to 300F. Hopefully I don't melt it like Marco did his
Inlet Filter from Amazon: $30.15 after shipping vs. $28 for the one on Kilby's site. This is the same manufacturer (Solberg) as the one on Kilby's site and I'm assuming it's the same model. It has the same thread connection and is rated for 12 scfm. Heck, the one on Kilby's site may be the one rated to 10 scfm, so if that were to be the case this would be an upgrade. The next largest one is rated to 20 scfm and has a 3/4" NPT connection, which I didn't want. Hopefully this will work.
Air Chuck w/clip from Amazon: $10.37 after shipping
1/2" FNPT to 5/8" hose barb from McMaster-Carr: $7.52 - this hose barb size is hard to find, but it's what I wanted because I don't want the hose to collapse. Maybe it will anyway and I'll have to redo the suction stuff .

Had to stop by Ace to correct one of my receipts, return some stuff, and buy some more stuff

Had to get a 1/2" flare to 3/8" MNPT 90 degree elbow: $4.49
Had to get a 3/8" coupling for above because they didn't have the above in FNPT: $4.29
Another quick coupler/plug set: $7.49
A couple hose clamps: $2.58
Some sheet metal for mounting the inlet filter: $6.29

Running total: $236.92 - boy it adds up! More expensive than a Viair, but not yet more expensive than 2

Still have to buy a pressure switch and leader hose with check valve, but that should be about it except for some random street elbows, nipples, suction hose, and mounting hardware. I'll need to find the receipt for the belt, sleeve bearings, compressor oil and teflon tape I had to buy, and the compressor was donated for the project but can be had anywhere from $30-$50 at a junkyard.
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