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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
What's the wing span of the awning (how far out the back, and how far off the side)? Just wondering how big your parking spot/camp site needs to be to fully extend.
It is 94.5" from the pivot.
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Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
How do you like that trash bag thing on the spare? Does it have provision to put a trash bag inside of it? I would like one, but don't like the idea of it retaining trash smell trip after trip... is that an issue?
The only complaint is that the straps are not holding up to UV if left out in the elements for extended periods of time. I don't see that as a design flaw because I shouldn't leave it out but, I am going to sleeve the straps with something to make it last longer if I choose to leave it outside.

Originally Posted by pskhaat View Post
Yeah, what's the "no print gas cap?"
When I went to Boulder Toyota, they had one that didn't get silk screened. It doesn't mean anything, just added it to the 'mods' to be silly.

Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
Mike I'm gearing up to do a rear bumper build soon. How are those Dually diffused lights? Thoughts on using one as a backup light and another as a work light? I plan to build my own version of the Kaymar work light as simply buying it is stupid expensive for what it is.

That's a fine looking cargo barrier by the way
John and I went out last night and played with the lights. These are not the Dually 2s diffused, just the Duallys diffused. The light is really good task lighting as it is very even like sunlight is. My thought is that they would be way too bright if used in a place you were looking directly at them but if, reflected off a surface, the light would be great.

This is a pic of the Dually's and headlights at about 200 yards.
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This is with the 50" turned on.
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I realize this doesn't really answer your question, just that the light is effective at 200 yards. Take the same light and shine it a cutting board, you might have a little more than you wanted.
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