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This guy is a vintage rig, probably pretty stylin' when it was new in the early 1980s. It's all solid state and they did have a VFO rotary encoder issue, so check it for function before. But at $125, if it works fine, this is an OK little radio. The display will go wacky if it has an issue, it's pretty obvious. Sometimes cleaning fixes it, sometimes not.

One thing to know, the power supply for this radio was dedicated to it. The power regulation was done inside the radio, not the power supply, so this is a matched pair. You could use any power supply with the radio itself, just that the power supply puts out about 19V AC (IIRC) and so it would not be useful with anything else.

ICOM IC-701 HF Transceiver with power supply - $125 (Longmont)\

ICOM IC-701 Transceiver, IC-701PS. Original packing materials, mike, power cables, boxed in dry environment last 15 years. Operating manual. Ham radio, amateur radio.
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