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Originally Posted by CO Hunter View Post
TM-D710 huh, thought you were a Yaesu guy
I was talking about the radio on the ISS. I run a FTM-350AR.
I've been thinking aobut APRS for a while and haven't researched too much. But what I have found is my GPS Delorme PN 30, which I really like, does provide a serial/NEMA out option. I was hoping for a USB cable adapter. Bummer, I really don't want to buy another GPS. Fewer GPS units are coming with serial out capability. Maybe that's why you run the TM-D710 but it is pricey.
Good thing is that old (i.e. cheap!) GPS unit almost all have serial ports and all the trackers and TNC-equipped radios want RS-232. Before I was running a FT-1500M, TinyTrak 4 and a Garmin GPS-18 puck for APRS and that worked well. You don't need a fancy radio necessarily. I just needed to simplify, I was starting to take over the right seat in the truck and there was nowhere to put stuff or for someone else to sit. Downside of having a small cab and just two seats...
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