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So far so good. Got it a month or so ago now, sold some stuff to consolidate a bunch of random bits into one radio. I miss the memory groups from the FT-8800 and the Hyper Memory, but that's about it.

The radio otherwise is pretty neat. I like the voice alert, something that I couldn't do easily with the FT-1500/TT4/GPS-18 combo. Also having the station list and other APRS function built-in is super nice compared to dragging a laptop or the LCD display and keyboard for the TinyTrak.

I'm using the Yaesu FGPS-1 internal chip and it seems to occasionally take a few minutes to get its brains, must be fairly slow when updating its almanac compared to other receivers. Could also be the location, which is right above the rear view mirror under the roof, so might more time to lock on to signals. If it's got up to date almanac data, it seems lock within 15 seconds, which is cool.

I actually interfaced it to a Nuvi 350 and got the stations showing up as waypoints. I don't leave the GPS in the truck but it'll be nice in groups with others who have APRS beacons running.
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