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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I typically use smart beaconing. I set E33 values for low speed to 2 and high speed to 45, slow rate to 30 minutes, fast rate to 90 seconds. The intermediate period seems to be typically about 3 minutes but I don't know if that's adjustable.

For regular periodic beaconing I set E14 values for interval to 2 minutes, low speed to 2, decay to 'on' and rate limit to 30 seconds. I sometimes use this for commutes because I'll get in a handful more positions.
Thanks for those settings. I've got my low speed at 5, high at 70, slow at 10, fast at 60. Forced a transmit and it shows up at I need to lower the high a bit since the truck very rarely gets over 65. I'll probably monkey around with it this week.

It was kinda fun, in a geeky sort of way, watching it pick up all the other beacons near the house. Probably won't be on all the time as the non-stop beeping will more than likely drive my wife nuts.

I've got another question for you but it's off this topic so I'll start another thread.
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