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Default FTM-350 firmware upgrade

As I was monkeying around with the APRS this afternoon, I realized it was time for a firmware upgrade. I'm still at 1.0 and I believe upgrading to the latest, 1.3, will make it the 350AR.

I do not have the CT-140 data cable but it looks like you can use the RT Systems USB cable that comes with the programming software. The upgrader asks for a COM port (only a little bit outdated) but if you look in the Device Manager for Windows, it should show you which one the radio is connected to via USB.

It looks like you have to remove the radio's cover and flip a switch prior to doing the upgrade. The wind is a bit fierce out here today and I wasn't in the mood to pull out my driver's seat and undo the radio as my fingers were already frozen from programming the APRS. Wish the truck fit in the garage. <insert SoCal wussie comment here> So, I haven't done this yet but probably will later this week.
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