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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Also want to learn more about the "ham in the helmet" mod that Bruce did.
This guy worked good for bike (the human powered type) commutes. Minimal wind noise, not too awkward. I liked it until I left it someplace and now it's gone.

The one thing I did not care for was that the band around the back of my head did not work super great with any helmet yet. Also can't say I liked having the boom in front of my face 'cause I'd smack it with the water bottle every danged time.

So I'm thinking of getting a earphone type to see if it works better, probably the kind that picks up vibration through your ear. One thing to avoid are throat mics, they sound terrible unless you get the ones that go for $200 and up and even then it sounds like you're swimming or in a fish tank.
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