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Does this Count??? Lined up to Drag race the guy in the bumper car. Wendover.

1st bike '73ish suzuki 350

then I bought a XR650R that I had for a long time, last couple years of high school on till I sold it in ABQ.

'68 BSA 650 - I've owned this since 2002

Blew it up once on the way to Sturgis.

'57 BSA A7 - sold this when we moved here to Moab. I always seem to sell my nice stuff for some reason.

'71 Norton - This one is a blast up and down the River Road, and LaSal loop.

'77 Yamaha XS650 - most reliable, fun bike ever, 55+ mpg. I put over 15,000 miles on this commuting between Winter Park and Granby. My cut off temp to ride was 25 degrees. And it was still a short riding season up there. Still have it, but for some reason no pics.

I guess I'm a gluten for punishment with these old british bikes. But like Martin, I dont get a chance to ride much now with a 2yr old. I'd like to pic up a crf450 or something similar, but the Land Cruiser hauls everybody which is important now... I dont think I'll get rid of the bikes, except maybe the chopper

1996 FZJ80
2000 UZJ100
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