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Ok I removed the gas tank and traced the wires to the bottom switch behind the headlight. The top switch turns the headlight on (only when the bike is running) and I don't know what the bottom one does, but think it must be the tail light, which is still not working.

I don't see any hydraulic switch- the MC is just behind the brake lever, right? I can trace the brake cable to it.. but I don't see anything with wires coming off of it. I am looking for something that looks like this right?

from yeah I don't see it- will keep looking.

And two more things: one is there's a CPU fan bolted to my radiator. I'm guessing that's normal? Except that the black wire has come loose, so pretty sure this fan isn't working.. ugh. I will try to strip it back and reconnect it, but have this vision of chasing down some relay afterwards.

And does anyone know what the white plug is on top, just below the top frame crossbar? Looks like I could plug an RC battery into it.. here are a couple pictures, first is the bottom switch that the yellow wire runs to, the second is the fan and white plug.
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