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The yellow wire goes all the way up to the headlight, to the smaller of the two pull out switches. I am struggling to find a wiring diagram for that kit, as I'm not sure what that bottom switch is for. I went ahead and disconnected it again from the battery... good news is it didn't drain the battery at all during the last day while hooked up, I'm still reading 12.7. I am leaning towards just buying the full Baja Designs kit and be done with all the PO stuff. That gets me a key (which I want since I'd like to ride to work), the turn signals, brake switch, plus everything else I need.

As for the fan, I went ahead and removed it, since it was obviously not working anyway. I then started the bike and am not reading any voltage on those wires. But it's cold, so am I right to assume there's a temp sensing relay somewhere that will kick it on when the engine reads a certain temperature? I hooked a little LED up to the wires, so this weekend I'm going to ride around some and test that theory, see if the light comes on.

Dang so now I need a fan too huh.. I see kits for $119-$150, but what about this cheap one for $30?
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