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The 'trailer full of stuff' included a '75 missing its front axle ...
it had a 'complete' engine and 4speed etc.

We barely even looked at the '75 before driving off with the 76 on the trailer...didn't much care, other than it had a builder if we needed it. Might be able to salvage some more stuff off of it later...

It also came with a block, head, crank, pan, possibly 6 pistons and rods. Mike pulled the serial numbers off of block and head and determined the block is a 2F Nov 2, 1976 vintage and the head casting is Oct 31, 1976.

the block, and crank have been machined (but likely will need to be done again, they were left out in the weather and got a bit of rust)

so that's probably next step... block, head, crank, internals, off to machine shop, pull the 4spd and flywheel/clutch/bellhousing off the '75 for re-use and start from there.
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