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Originally Posted by Hicntryflyguy View Post
Bummed out!! Just got the call that I was 32nd on the list for San Rafael Swell overnight trip so I wasn't going to get to go! 20 rigs only. I was so looking forward to this trip, Oh well there is always next year. Looking forward to this up coming weekend.
Pretty much have to be on your computer when registration opens. I didn't get a call so I assume Im in.

Well, I've been doing a couple last minute tweaks to the truck and It's ready to go for next week. Going wheeling with the club this Saturday probably Dome or nearby. I'll be leaving Thursday afternoon. I'd like to run chicken corners just to re-familiarize myself with it. Other than that I just want to go wheeling and hang. I was hoping to have my HAM license by now but wasn't able to schedule the test at a time that worked. I'll have it with me but I'll be transmitting on CB. If anyone needs a yard to camp in on the way you are welcome to stay in mine, it's quiet. See you guys Thursday night. If anyone is driving through GJ on Thursday afternoon I wouldn't mind the caravan.
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