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Default Tubeless for Dirt bikes? Seriously? Really?

My XR came with some BS tubeless kit from the PO. Slow leaks and bad wobble in the tire. What's the point in having it in there if the bicycle inner tube that is part of the "tubeless" system is leaking? Two valves per wheel? One for the "tubeless" part and one for the bicycle tube "bladder" inside of that. What crap. I ripped that junk out of there so fast and put new tubes in. Now I have an extra hole in each rim. Cool. What a difference now.

It's about as bad as bicycle tubeless systems. Don't get me started in that crap, either.

Anyone who wants the "system" for free for a 21"/18" wheel setup can stop by the shop and have it.

I just love undoing PO's junk on used stuff I buy

On a good note, Neil of Hitchcock Industries, a best friend of one of my employees, just revalved and went thru the forks. Now buttery smooooth

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