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Like Tim, I too like to take things apart. Part of what I enjoy about motorcycles is the pieces are small enough to deal with by myself and I can afford the tool and down time on the bike.
Symptoms, Hard to start after events like looping the bike or tumbling down ravines.

Sent the head to Dave Hopkins in WA, to polish and re-valve, about $300.

I've got a JD jet kit and feel I have it set up about right. I've adjusted the valves, a handful of times. Plug looks good to me. I replace them about every 3500 miles
Was the teardown necessary, probably not. But I purchased the bike used with 1,600 miles on it. It's now just over 9,0000. I want to know that I'm good to go for the summer. I believe the service interval is 9,5000 miles for KTM. I wanted to give it a good clean and replace any worn parts.

List includes, rear wheel bearings and seals, Chain and sprockets, plastic chain guides around swing-arm, upper shock bearing, kickstart seal, carb cleaning and re-jet.

There is a little more drag in the Reklus than there used to be, inspected clutch plates/carrier for wear or anything out of the ordinary.

Mostly just giving it a good look through.

Tim I removed the brake pedal last summer when I changed the clutch cover gasket(big one) I punched a hole in my clutch cover last summer and am installing a new one. I think the foot brake is unnecessary for me and is just waiting to punch another hole in the cover when it's on there.

It there somewhere to get carb breather/overflow tubing in bulk instead of the $80 KTM set?
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