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Worked on a couple little things today.

Drug it over to the local spray-n-wash to get all the grime off from the trip home. The wife drove the 80 towing the proud

ran into Christo there in his self-powered BMW very car.

anyway here's a clean one as she sits in the corner

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the other thing was the rear ambi doors didn't open/shut correctly, the passenger side just needed some lubing the driver side needed the rod to the bottom adjusted. Had to use a screw driver to get it open, now they both function as they should

I love Toyota's engineering, the rod is cam'd with a nut and bolt so easy

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Anyway; hope to get the engine thing squared away soon.

so tempting to go full blown OCD with this thing and start taking it all apart and powder coating everything and painting bolts and craziness... don't want to do that; want to get it going and drive it.
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