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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Nice find Mike! With that carb cooling fan, I bet it's a California emissions vehicle. What color is the emissions sticker on the hood - white with black letters or black with white letters?

Interesting that it doesn't have the EGR light like Matt's does...
black w/ white letters you were absolutely right, CA emissions vehicle.

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good news is according to this:

begin quote excerpt:
In case anyone is interested, I called the emissions ref and was informed if you live in the enhanced emissions area I could pass my 1977 fj40 2f with header and no EGR as long as I installed the air injection system.
So I promptly spent the next couple of hours installing the AI system and went to the Air Care Colorado and passed. Still runs good. I can't tell much of a difference.
Hopefully you wont hear any more of my whining about emissions
end quote excerpt

I only need an air pump and air rail.

right ?
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