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Ok time for an update: my bike still runs like crap. Bruce came over Saturday night and helped me with the JD jet kit and idle mix screw. Seemed to run ok last night, today though had a tough time starting it and keeping it running. Marco came over and we played with the jets some more, couldn't get it to run any better. Then lost the little washer that pushes the little o-ring on the idle screw.

I'm going to punt and call shops this week. Bike won't e-start now either cold or hot, and takes a pretty good effort to kick start, seems to run rich, the idle adjustment screw doesn't seem to do anything, and it still dies for no reason- even with a tank full of gas. So what's a good KTM shop on the north side- Sun Enterprises? Elite in Loveland?

And Bruce I think you're spot on with the torque limiter as the root cause of most of my e-start issues. here's a thread that explains how to fix it:

It seems straight forward enough, but more than I can take on right now with everything else I need to get done before Moab, and I kinda want a shop to be on the hook for the results on this one. Here's a pic of the part:
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