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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
What's our plan for firewood this weekend?
I have some scraps I'll bring. Enough for one night's fire.

Do we have a final count and any proposed trails? I'd like to run the Dome Plateau route the same way we plan to run it at CM since I don't know that the way we informally ran it last year was the EJS EIS route. Since its 45 min or an hour from BFE to Dome (starts at Dewey Bridge) I'd like us to consider running it Friday, that way those of us who have to leave Denver later in the day could sleep anywhere from a hotel in GJ to camping at Rabbit Valley or Dewey Bridge and make the drive out easier Thursday. If you are at BFE Friday its still not a bad choice as we could meet at the trailhead at 9AM. I'm hesitant to run Dome Sunday AM as we don't know how long it will take and that could make for a very long drive home Sunday, but I'm willing to do that if we start early. I know a few guys drove home Sunday after Dome last year.

We could also make Saturday a Grand Tour day and run Dome and return to BFE by way of La Salle Mtn. pass, but that's a lot of pavement.

Other than Dome, I'm up for any trails.

Got the engine cooker and modified heat shield in last night and ready for the desert. My friend Doug will be joining us.
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