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I used to wave all the time when I rode out east... only to non harley riders though. *most* Harley riders never waved back unless I was on a Harley it seemed. Any other kind of riders would wave back and forth in town though. big packs of people on sport bikes would zip by me and every single one of them would wave.. just like you see harley folks do all the time.

lots more riders out here though so it seems like it gets to be a pain and people don't do it as much.

Sometimes I still wave at harley riders nice and big to let them know I matter too they still never wave back.

yesterday when I was riding your bike I gave "the nod" twice and one wave. kinda depends on if I am busy or if I have a hand free.

the one to perfect is the wave while Wheelieing. Most riders will wave back no matter what if you do that.
Also, on the interstate I like giving waves mainly because most people wave back no matter what, and you are both heading somewhere farther away.. on a road trip. People are much better about it on the interstate. It seems to mean a lot more there. Almost like you are telling each other to be safe and watch out.
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