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I don't have a final count. There is a list of "unconfirmed" registrations that needs to be worked through. These are people who signed up, but didn't pay for one reason or another. This could alter the count which is currently at 163, but it might shoot up to 206!

Technically, we offered 21 different trails this year, but not all trails on all days. Some have low max truck limits such as the kokopelli and arches, and then there are day limits (no long trails on raffle night), the swell, and then there are trails with low participation such as Area BFE and Pritchett.

As a guess, most trails will have around 15 trucks, but if we end up with 43 additional trucks, the popular trails will end up maxed out around 20.

Example: 14 trails on Friday/206 trucks = 15 trucks per trail average, but we won't find 15 people on chicken corners or Area BFE difficult.
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