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Default Chinamans Gulch

First off it was great to wheel again with the FJ Team. That makes 5 events I think I have been with them. It's sad to see the end of the run, but it will be nice to have Robbie around for at least a little while. Great day and great weather. Most of the breakage was fixed right there. I'll post some wheeling pictures in a minute.

I had a surprise when we left the gas station. As soon as I started going over 40 miles and hour the vehicle would start shaking. Looked in the dark like my drive shaft and Perry and I decided to limp home at 40 mph. Got home and the rear drive shaft was in pretty bad shape. Must have hit it on a big rock, it was bent. The rear U joints look like they ground into the metal with the vibration.

Took the rear shaft off and engaged the CDL and the truck drives fine, in 2WD.
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