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I've been into bikes only since I was about 18. Before that I never got one out of respect for my mother's wishes. She had a bad crash on one in Argentina and thought they were death machines. Muy malo.

Anywho, the day I turned 18 I dragged an '85 YZ125 out of the cobwebs from the shop I worked at in memphis. it was the classic basket case, was "repoed" for money owed by one of the other guys in the shop. He gave to me. Seemed appropriate.

built it up with a new motor and blew it up in a few months.

got a CR250, started doing Hare Scrambles. Sold it, got another CR, newer, then sold it and got another CR. I liked those 250's. I weighed a buck thirty five then so they were fast with me on them.

Never got good in Hare Scrambles. Only ever managed to win Novice, then in C I cam in at the back of the pack. It was fun. We called it "cigarette class" and smoked a lot of cigarettes while riding. Probably drank a lot too.

since then I have owned several bikes. An XR650 for a while (got me in the most trouble), ZX6R (got me arrested), various honda and kawasaki 750's, a scooter, mini bikes, mini bikes with nitrous, bicycles with motors, ect. I also used to help a guy out that had something like 30 bikes in his garage. I'd take one, get it running, ride it for a few months, then give it back. I got to ride lots of stuff like old BMW R Bikes, stuff with side cars, Waterbuffaloes, newer stuff like r1200GS's, older 6cly bikes. went all over on them including long distance multi 1000 mile day trips. He was a really nice guy that got me even more into bikes. taught me a lot too about riding. He liked driving to alaska and back in his spare time and showed me how fun longer trips on bikes could be. He was actually my motivator to drive to alaska back in 2000.

I got my folks into bikes also. After owning a few mom decided she needed one. she rides an older Ducati monster 900 and Dad rides a Monster S4. I totaled the S4 wearing a tee shirt and jeans. That wasn't fun.. it is perfect again now though. They've also had some bimmers, and a '95 Ducati 900SS (beater). that 900 ss rode nice.

Anywho, I got a 2006 525 EXC yesterday.

I didn't latch onto the 100 trend, but I have decided the KTM's are pretty sweet. so badda bing.

Here she is!

I need to find something for Al next....
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