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Originally Posted by Inukshuk View Post
Time permitting Saturday afternoon I'd run Chicken Corners with you. I'd maybe even skip Moab Rim but its one of the few I have never done, and Saturday is shaping up to be a mellow day.

Have you seen my Garmin GPS track of Chicken Corners? Key to that run is the pictograph rock on the way out, hike at the end and having lunch/exploring at Catacomb Rock on the return trip. We can definitely review the route on a map. I led it last year
Thanks Mark!
That reminds me, I will be bringing hard copies off all of the maps that I created last year. I would like to look at them individually with the people who are familiar with each trail. I created the maps utilizing a variety of sources, and ultimately my own knowledge of the area. Some of the things I am interested in discussing are obstacle names, locations and recommended travel directions. Also any other recommendations for improvement will be appreciated.

Another option I would be OK with would be to post the maps here for comment. If that sounds good, maybe recommend a subfoorum that I can start creating threads. Would it be good to put all maps in one thread or have their own for easier tracking of comments?

It would also be great to Get GPX tracks for Dome Plateau although If I run it I'll collect a file with a survey grade GPS that I have.

Here is a list of the maps I have completed, What am I missing?:

Behind the Rocks
Chicken Corners
Cliff hanger
Elephant Hill
Gold Bar Rim
Golden Spike
Hell's Revenge
Kane Creek Canyon
Metal Masher
Moab Rim
Poison Spider
Porcupine Rim
Pritchett Canyon
Rose Garden Hill
Sevenmile Rim
Wipe-Out Hill

Here are a couple of examples.
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