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Woo Hoo!!! Marco came over today, we blasted every little orifice we could find, set up the carb to stock JD settings with the 42 pilot, found a good bit of gunk in a couple places. Hosed out the gas tank really well, got it all cleaned up everything was feeling good.. then the damn thing wouldn't start or idle, just like before.

We pulled both side covers looking for that torque limiter, got that gear out and couldn't figure out how to adjust it, so slapped it back in. Started swapping parts between Marco's 530 and mine, it actually ran a little better with his CDI. thought there is since that's a lower revving engine, maybe it's more tolerant of less current? Started measuring current and my stator output was half of his.. like 6.8 when e-starting. No wonder we couldn't ever see a spark..

So I went to Sun and bought their stator kit upgrade, and another new gasket. $200 later, but wow what a difference. The bike starts, it idles, you can kill it and it starts again. Probably 30 starts in the last 30 minutes, just can't believe it.. plus it rides 1000x better now, way more pep, actually fast feeling (like the first 250 XCF-w I drove but didn't buy).

Now I need to get some miles on, get a feel for how the bike runs then start messing with the jetting a little more to see what changes it makes. But heck it runs pretty good right now, very happy. thanks again Marco for all the help today, that was fun.
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