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Default Commuter Bike

Ok, I know this is the motorcycle forum, but the subtitle says, "Sometimes all you need is 2 wheels" - so I'm going to throw out a bike question.

I've been thinking about picking up a commuter bike. I rode my Gary Fisher Kaitai to work a few times a couple summers ago, but it's heavy, has knobbies, and it got a little old. So I've been thinking of picking up a commuter bike. Lighter, faster, something I probably shouldn't jump over curbs though

I have a plan to ride my bike 3 times a week to work this summer, it's about 9-10 miles one way. Along Yosemite/DTC Parkway, then catch the path below the Cherry Creek dam and then up Peoria.

I really know nothing about road bikes, single speeds, fixies, etc., so I looked up a few CL ads - what do you guys think? I'm about 6'-1", so I'm not even 100% sure what size I'm supposed to be looking at - ~57cm maybe?

I figure with 3 days a week of commuting, I could probably pay off a $100 bike in about 8 weeks for the price of gas I would be burning in my Tundra. So I'm looking in the $100-$250 range, but if I were to get something at the higher end of that range it would really have to be worth it.

Some examples:
SS Schwinn $200:
SS Trek $150:
10spd Road Master $100:
SS HM MTB $175:
Fixie Firenze $250:

Maybe you know how to search CL better than I do for "hipster-a$$ hipster bikes for hipsters" - help me out
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