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Another successful trip. Thanks Steve Rudy for putting this together and being trail boss again this year. I think we identified a few new quality trail leaders. I.e. our new member Steven RidinDurty in his FJC, Steve (and Sara)from Durango spcruiser and Matt from Carbondale- Hicntyflyguy in his 3rd gen Runner. I got to wheel for the first time with Sasha, he will be stepping up to lead. Finally met Jon Harris, VP of Book Cliff in Junction. Hes quite an asset to have around. He really wants to be a member of RS and leverage things we do into his small chapter. I think we need to have a quick Club meeting at CM and vote him in since he cant attend one of our meetings.

Sorry you couldn't make it Cheeseman. Steve Crase made a surprise appearance which was cool. After Kane Ck. I took Steve and some others to Flat Iron Mesa trail. That was really cool. Route finding was a little tricky even after I just ran it last year. We need to run it a few more times to get it down. Then I think we need to add it to future events.

We also discussed trails, shared experiences and tips around the fire and tried to plant the seed in peoples heads regarding needing a new trail boss in 2013. Good times.
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