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That the "JadeRunner" all one word for you Mr. Rosetta.

Thanks for helping me randy and all on the Escalator. Sitting in that near vertical hot tub is very un-nerving. Especially just after watching Randy slip his rear wheel into the bottom and putt his cage into the wall.

I was so focused on taking the right line and not falling into that hole that I didn't pay attention to which line to take above it. I made it through the tough hole but by then I was out of my "comfort zone" and I lost my cool.

I then made all the junior mistakes. Gassed it, didn't really know what line to take, fell into a crack and proceeded to stick my arm out the window to catch myself. Right in front or Randy, Brady and Corbet no less.

Fortunately I stopped at that point. Eyes wide open. Randy talking calmly to me. I asked for a strap to my front end. The guys pulled my front down and I drove out. Whew. Glad that's behind me.

I'm pretty sure I could clean it now with that experience in the bank. But, it's clearly a high risk maneuver for a guy without a cage so I will have to re-think a second attempt.

I have video of it all thanks to Corbet so more to come. Just had to get the story straight.

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Jade Runner made it up too albeit with a little more excitement and (wait for it) a manual strap for safety. But, he made it without a scratch and lots of vehicles never make that obstacle.
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